• Shock absorption quality.
  • Independently moving PU lugs give even traction for your shoes.
Treskta - IST Technolgy

Have you ever experienced fatigue on your feet while you are running or walking short distance on uneven terrain? When the outsoles of shoes make contact with the ground, the surface structure gives a certain pressure to the bottom of the shoes. So, if you are stepping on an uneven ground, it adds much more uneven pressure to your feet.

The idea for I.S.T technology was born to solve these problems. Treksta’s I.S.T technology allows your feet to adapt to the abnormal and uneven surfaces through independently moving outsole structure.

The principle is simple. Specially designed I.S.T technology works like a spring. Each lugs move independently, and they move vertically up and down. If one lug steps on a foreign object, it automatically moves up to adapt to the surface.

This revolutionary technology will help you to walk and run longer miles than you have ever had.